“The British Illuminati” eBook by CHRIS EVERARD

“Chris Everard is the world’s leading documentary film maker and author on the subjects of the Occult” – James Whale ShowTHE BRITISH ILLUMINATI book – written by CHRIS EVERARD – this book brings to light fresh new evidence of more than a dozen sex criminals employed directly and indirectly by the BBC, Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty’s Intelligence Community, Downing Street and the House of Representatives in Washington DC. We also learn about how Lords at Westminster had young boys brought to orgies by East End gangsters.But that is just the start… In this book, we shall learn for the first time the intricate workings of a related network of secret societies – and it’s not all words – every page is fully illustrated; The Queen being initiated by Druids, Winston Churchill and the Kings of England who were Masons, the boss of MI6 and an international pedo-ring – the blackmails, the murders and the snuff movie enterprises which have earned millions of dollars for these sick people – are all expertly investigated.”When a mason-police officer discovers that a mason-politician is a pedophile rapist – NOTHING WILL BE SAID – this is the oath of a mason. They protect each other – and Chris Everard reveals the exact oaths and handshakes and rituals – his books and films are dripping with deep information and detail which no other author has so far managed to match – his books and research are copied and pasted by other authors – and you can see why – he is a primary source and has pushed open the doorway onto a global network of vicious people who are billionaires and even trilionaires – don’t miss this one! ” – Chris Geo, KTFRN Truth Frequency Radio Denver 90.7FMA ‘ring of steel’ of secrecy has not stopped British author CHRIS EVERARD from penetrating into the hallowed temples and lodges of Britain. We take the reader behind the scenes of the BBC and the Savile scandal, and investigate the links between London gangsters and Lords in Westminster. Since 1985, Chris Everard has been a professional author and investigator. His first book was published by Virgin Books and since then he has written more than 1,000 magazine articles, and a dozen eBooks and hardback books about a wide range of subjects. In this book, we shall learn for the first time the intricate workings of a related network of secret societies – and it’s not all words – every page is fully illustrated with 170+ photos, documents, maps & proofs.”Chris Everard is a prodigious film-maker – his research into the Illuminati is unmatched” – Jeff Rense Radio ShowYour digital eBook will be delivered immediately. It is published in association with FYB magazine – the magazine for brainy people! It contains rich and detailed information never before put in the public domain. It is exclusively available from Gumroad Books.
— Read on chriseverard.gumroad.com/l/jXVe

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