#Gartnerboligen #SALG 3150 #Hellebæk #NordreStrandvej 99B Hellebæk med #Design #StauningWhisky #DanishWhisky all the year 🟧🟧🟫🟫
Contact property for #SALE DK
⬜️🇩🇰🟩🟪🟧⬛️ 13.495.000 DKK :
for JURA read Danish here and buy unique address : Very very near all you need incl School #Skorpeskolen in front of lovely #SwedishCoastline 6 km from all year #Beachtown exclusive #Hornbaek, with more than you believe like Hotels and #GallerietHornbæk, Matas, Netto, Interior Design, Sport, Chuch, Supermarket, Doctors and Cafes with #BAGT #Coffee and really much more 6 km from our House to keep safe since #architect #AlfJørgensen designed the total Property incl the Villa, to the Miller Ove Stokkeby.
The best known #Villa in Hellebaek is still there.
2015 it was taken to new owners and carefully restaurated for 50 million Danish crowns 🇩🇰⬜️⬜️⬜️🕊️🇩🇰 This is because the address Nordre Strandvej #NorthBeachway running from 2900 #Hellerup north passing #Skodsborg #Rungsted #Vedbæk #Humlebæk and before after Hellerup #Charlottenlund #SkovshovedHotel in the same standard like Hornbæk #Hornbækhus and #HotelBretagne to the Lake and Beach up there with fun all year. Do not forget this #Whisky and our link to Gartnerboligen Hellebæk Beach : 27842779 🟩🟪🟧⬛️🟩🟪🟧⬛️

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Designer based on Stencils Danish Seven Gothic Waves. Handpainted Wallpaper & Color D e c o r : Interior Design : RRindretning med Erindring Stencils SALE to professionals in Architecture D e s i g n for Textiles Fabrics Glass Metal and surfaces

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